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 Strat Echine HM " en Anglais "

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MessageSujet: Strat Echine HM " en Anglais "   Sam 16 Juin - 17:34

Avant tout , la strat que j ai trouvé et en Anglais , donc si y a des bons traducteurs parmi vous sa serais cool de la mettre en Français . Merci ^^

[center]The Heroic mode of Spine of Deathwing makes for an extremely difficult encounter. Indeed, this fight is a clear step up in difficulty from all the other previous Dragon Soul encounters. Moreover, we believe it to be more difficult than Madness of Deathwing Heroic as well.

There are many small changes from the normal mode, all of which will be listed below. The difficulty, however, comes mostly from the ridiculous DPS requirement of the encounter.

9.1. Differences from Normal Mode

There are two categories of differences from normal mode:
•increased health and damage;
•new mechanics.

9.1.1. Increased Health and Damage

All the enemies in this encounter have their health values increased significantly from normal mode. The biggest increase is in the health of the Burning Tendons. These mobs now have such high health that your raid will find it impossible to kill them within a single exposed tendon phase. In fact, even killing a Burning Tendon during two exposed phases will require a very high amount of DPS.

All abilities in the encounter now deal more damage, as follows:
• Grasping Tendrils (10-man/25-man) now deal 12,000 damage per second in 10-man difficulty and 13,000 damage per second in 25-man difficulty, up from 6,000 and 6,500 respectively. Additionally, Grasping Tendrils now slow movement speed by 50%, up from 35%.
• Searing Plasma (10-man/25-man) now deals 12,000 damage every 10 seconds, up from 10,000. Additionally, it now absorbs 280,000 healing in 10-man difficulty and 420,000 healing in 25-man difficulty, up from 200,000 and 300,000 healing respectively.
• Fiery Grip now deals 90,000 damage every 3 seconds, up from 60,000.
• Superheated Nucleus (10-man/25-man) now deals 30,000 damage every 3 seconds in 10-man difficulty and 35,000 damage every 3 seconds in 25-man difficulty,, up from 15,000 and 17,500 respectively.
• Burst (10-man/25-man) now deals 14,000 damage in 10-man difficulty and 28,000 damage in 25-man difficulty, up from 10,000 and 20,000 damage respectively.

9.1.2. New Mechanics

In addition to the changes listed above, a few new mechanics exist in heroic mode:
• Degradation is a stacking debuff that is applied to all raid members each time a Hideous Amalgamation is killed. The debuff reduces the target's maximum health by 5% per stack. It has an unlimited duration and it cannot be dispelled. Note that the debuff is only applied when a Hideous Amalgamation is actually killed, and not when they are disposed of through a Barrel Roll.
• Blood Corruption: Death is a dispellable debuff that will regularly be placed on random raid members. It has a 15 second duration, at the end of which it will wipe the raid. When the debuff is dispelled, it jumps to another nearby target, retaining its remaining duration. After a varying number of dispels, it will mutate into a different debuff ( Blood Corruption: Earth) when jumping to the next target.
• Blood Corruption: Earth is almost identical to Blood Corruption: Death. The only difference is that when this debuff runs out, the target receives one or two stacks of Blood of Neltharion. The amount of stacks depends on how many seconds were left on the Blood Corruption: Death debuff at the moment when it became Blood Corruption: Earth. If Blood Corruption: Earth is dispelled several times, it will mutate back into Blood Corruption: Death. ◦ Blood of Neltharion is a beneficial stacking debuff that reduces all damage taken by 20% per stack. It can stack up to a maximum of 2 times per player. This debuff's purpose is to counter the negative effects from Degradation.

9.2. Strategy

The general strategy for the Heroic mode version of Spine of Deathwing can be presented as:
•Perform the same sequence of events as in normal mode (kill 3 Corruptions, perform a Barrel Roll, kill the 4th Corruption and so on);
•Dispel Blood Corruption: Death from players immediately;
•Do NOT dispel Blood Corruption: Earth from players;
•Get as much burst DPS as possible during the exposed tendon phases. Each Burning Tendons must die within 2 burn phases.

After your raid finishes the first burn phase of a tendon, you will have to obtain another Hideous Amalgamation in order to repeat the process. Simply kill another Corruption to obtain another Amalgamation. This will probably happen anyway, since your raid will be damaging the existing Corruption to break the Fiery Grip channels.

Below, we will detail a few subtleties and tips.

9.2.1. Reaching 9 Stacks of Absorbed Blood

The Hideous Amalgamations melee for a very high amount in heroic mode. As such, it is not advised to have them progressively stack the Absorbed Blood, as this means that your tank will have to handle an Amalgamation with at least a small number of stacks (and thus increased damage) for a long time.

Instead, we recommend that the Corrupted Bloods be killed away from the Amalgamation, and that the tank simply pulls the Amalgamation over the dead bloods to instantly reach 9 stacks.

To make things even easier, you should tank the Amalgamation away from the armor plate, and have all the Bloods killed right next to the armor plate. This way, when the Amalgamation is low on health, the tank can simply pull it to the armor plate (where it will quickly reach 9 stacks) and then keep it there until its death.

9.2.2. Dispelling Blood Corruption

Blood Corruption: Death generally must be dispelled 3-4 times before it turns into Blood Corruption: Earth. This means that the 15 second duration of the debuff should not be problematic if your healers have a reasonable reaction time. This is not all, however, since it is better to have Blood Corruption: Death turn into Earth when there is still a lot of time left on the debuff (as this increases the chances of gaining two stacks of Blood of Neltharion from it). For this reason, Blood Corruption: Death should be dispelled with great urgency.

It is very important to ensure that there is no chaotic dispelling happening, as Blood Corruption: Earth must not be dispelled (except for the situations described in the next paragraph). We recommend assigning one of the healers to this dispelling duty. You should assign a back-up dispeller, as well, since Fiery Grip can incapacitate a healer.

There are two situations where you want to dispel Blood Corruption: Earth:
•In the first part of the encounter, until both tanks (or at least the off-tank) have 2 stacks of Blood of Neltharion. This will allow them to more easily survive the very intense damage in the second part of the encounter.
•When a player is affected by it while having 2 stacks of Blood of Neltharion (the maximum amount of stacks). In this case, you should dispel Blood Corruption: Earth, and have it jump to someone else who will be able to benefit from Blood of Neltharion.

As Blood of Neltharion effectively negates the effects of Degradation, your aim should be to have all of your raid members receive stacks of this debuff. This is, as you can tell, largely out of your control, since you cannot dictate who Blood Corruption: Earth will jump to. Dispelling Blood Corruption: Earth from players who have sufficient stacks of Blood of Neltharion is a means of guiding it in the right direction.

9.2.3. Tip for Blood Corruption

It is possible to control who gets Blood Corruption: Death or Blood Corruption: Earth. It will usually jump to players on the other side of the spine, so have the tanks stand on the opposite side from everyone else. This way, you will build up stacks of Blood of Neltharion on your tanks faster.

9.2.4. Nuking the Burning Tendon

By far, the most difficult aspect of this encounter is killing the Burning Tendon. Because of its much increased health, you will have to kill 2 Hideous Amalgamations (to expose each tendon twice) for each tendon, totaling 6 Hideous Amalgamations. Because of the Degradation debuff, you cannot afford to kill more.

The DPS requirement is very high, and players must try to maximise their output over an 18 second period of time (this is how long you have to DPS the tendon each time). Players should practice on the training dummies in order to understand the best rotation to use.

It is worth noting the value of the Valor Point trinkets (Bottled Wishes, Kiroptyric Sigil and Rotting Skull). These trinkets have very powerful on-use effects that are available for each exposed tendon phase.

As a raid leader, you should try to make sure that none of the 3 tendons will lack the burst DPS needed. Employ a rotation such as the one below (this will vary depending on your raid-size and composition):
•First exposed phase of first tendon: DPS cooldowns;
•Second exposed phase of first tendon: nothing;
•First exposed phase of second tendon: DPS potions;
•Second exposed phase of second tendon: DPS cooldowns;
•First exposed phase of third tendon: Heroism/ Bloodlust/ Time Warp;
•Second exposed phase of third tendon: any remaining DPS cooldowns.

9.2.5. Handling the Corrupted Bloods

While Corrupted Bloods do not melee for a lot, towards the end of the fight there will be a very high amount of them alive, and an increasing amount will continue to spawn. There are two things you can do to help with this:
•You can attempt to kill all of the remaining Corrupted Bloods in order to give your raid some room to breathe. You should ideally do this around the time that the second Burning Tendon is killed. Your raid should use a lot of damage reduction cooldowns and AoE down the Bloods.
•Your off-tank (who is tanking the Bloods) should try to kite them around on Deathwing's back rather than trying to tank them. The Bloods are quite easily kiteable, and your tank should take far less damage. Note that they are stunnable by a Paladin's Holy Wrath (with Glyph of Holy Wrath).
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MessageSujet: Re: Strat Echine HM " en Anglais "   Sam 16 Juin - 18:24

Un petit lien vers un GUIDE DS HM plutôt sympa, si ça peut vous être utile!

Sinon GG à vous pour vos derniers downs Wink
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MessageSujet: Re: Strat Echine HM " en Anglais "   Sam 16 Juin - 20:07

Très bon lien avec de bonnes recap ^^
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MessageSujet: Re: Strat Echine HM " en Anglais "   Dim 17 Juin - 7:21

Ouep GG pour corne-noire !
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MessageSujet: Re: Strat Echine HM " en Anglais "   

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Strat Echine HM " en Anglais "
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